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The World's Only 12 Month Brow Training Program

24 Month Interest Free training options available for Australian residents.

 6 Month Payment options available internationally.

"My business has boomed, my clientele has

tripled and I now have a waiting list of 80 women."

- Freya Tippett, Gold Certified TrueBrow Salon

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And the 2018 Educator of the Year award goes to Elle Wilson

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Become an Industry Leader

True mastery takes more than just a day. When we're honest with ourselves, we acknowledge that. Here at Brow Secrets International, we like to live in the real world. We don't want to sell you on becoming great. We want you to become great.

Ask yourself, do you want to be quick or do you want to become masterful? You cannot have both. Your improvement and understanding will begin immediately, but true mastery takes time. To pretend that it doesn't is to fool ourselves, blocking our own greatness. 

Experience Rapid Business Growth

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, contact us.

We will offer you our world-class 12-month brow training program and access to our Wealth Creation Programs to get you to 6 figures with TrueBrow services alone as a sole trader or high 6-7 figures if you currently have team members.

TrueBrow’s promise is to offer you the skill that draws into your business high quality clients prepared to pay you for results they cannot find elsewhere; clients that will love your offer of authenticity

We teach you how to become a brand that they can trust, because you don’t depend on hot trends and quick fixes. You are committed to their long term beauty and are unwavering. This style of brand building is so powerful, the universe begins to align with you as the brand creator; a brand creator 100% committed to what is best for your client.

Become one of the top 1% of brow designers in the world.

We partner with beauty business owners to help them grow their businesses exponentially with brows.

"My business has boomed, my clientele has tripled and I now have a waiting list."

- Freya Tippett, Gold Certified TrueBrow TM Salon


Our Salon Owners...

I am so passionate about what I'm offering. My training with Brow Secrets International and the powerful coaching and mentoring with Elle and To​by Wilson have me feeling like a true expert, the authority in the lives of my clients. It's my professional guidance they love following, they are totally convinced because I am.

My TrueBrow Collection is flying off the shelf - I've sold 40 in the last 3 months.

I always recommend the TrueBrow starter program to my clients - they save money in the long run, and most people these days are spending hundreds of dollars on microblading and are still needing to shade in their brows, they are just not getting the results they were promised. They are so happy when I show them what I can achieve for them and they love the TrueBrow Collection. It is so versatile.
My clients are always so happy and over the moon with the purchase.

As TrueBrow Specialists, we are the only women in the world that know how to do what for decades upon decades has been considered IMPOSSIBLE. We have the training and the knowledge to do something, that literally NO ONE else knows how to do, and people are left awestruck by the results. Get excited ladies! TrueBrow has given us a gift. People who study at university and get degrees don't even get the kind of gift that TrueBrow has given us... Differentiation, and mega possibility. Sometimes I can't believe that I had 15 new clients in one week and the following week another 17 new clients. Without the incredible coaching provided by Elle and Toby Wilson, however, I would simply be overwhelmed, with their help I feel completely taken care of and know I am on my way to building a powerful brand that will stand the test of time.

Who else is excited about this?

Olivia Depis
Edmonton, Canada

“The brands you partner with in your business are a reflection of you.
Make big choices, build big dreams.” - Elle Wilson

What we offer


Training team members is the distraction from the core success of any business. Let us show you how we train you teams and leave salon owners to what matters most building their brand.  


Use the TrueBrow registered trademark and give your clients a clear message. 

Your Dreams Come True

Everyone salon owners dreams of creating that point of difference, allowing their brand to stand apart from all others ending the struggle of competition.


Marketing is expensive and hard work. Let your clients become the marketing movement your business needs to thrive.


TrueBrow creates a powerful client loyalty as their hope is restored and the faith in your brand increases your brand's voice.


Introducing the TrueBrow business model offering salon owners a powerful experience of list building in their business. Clients retention goes up and client attrition goes down.


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See the TrueBrow System in action…

Wealth creation programs

with Toby & Elle Wilson

With over 45 years of combined experience growing salons and spas in the beauty industry, Toby & Elle Wilson have come to know what works and what doesn't. Their genuine care and passion for people ensures they not only deliver value, but more importantly, proven business results with TrueBrow.

Discover how to become - THE EDUCATOR, THE INFLUENCER, THE BROW AUTHORITY in your location with the Industry's Brow Experts.


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