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Become a Brow Secrets® International certified salon through developing the skill and expertise from the world’s best.
Effortlessly create brows that are elegant, classical, alluring and sophisticated.
Receive ongoing training, mentoring and support from industry leading trainers.

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Discover how to create brows like super models Cara Delavinge, Camille Belle, Hilary Rhoda, Megan Fox & Lily Collins. Learn the skills, techniques & principles to become an expert in freehand Brow Artistry.

A new Eyebrow Era

Alluring Brows have adorned the world’s history. But never more so than the alluring, sexy screen goddesses of the 50’s and the 60’s. Where brows spoke a thousand words…. Loren, Bardot, Monroe, Deneuve.

A new Brow Era

Supermodels showed the world the new bold, brow was back. With that came a new independence a new strength for women. The supermodel era had begun. Beauty, glamour and strength offered women around the world new beginnings…

Eyebrow Training

Beauty that exudes a sense of depth and timelessness. The sophisticated woman is incomplete without the ultimate brow. It offers her a finishing touch that is indescribable. Brow design that is invisible and yet breathtaking…

Eyebrow Artistry

Raw, natural, elegant, classical, sophisticated and soft. Our new supermodels are taking the brow to new levels. Discover how to create the extraordinary. The past 50 decades all rolled into one extraordinary era of the brow.

  • By far the most comprehensive course I have completed. Brow Secrets International are extremely passionate and knowledgeable in eyebrow design. I have been a therapist for 10 years and have learnt so many new tips in eyebrow artistry. I would highly recommend all therapists to complete this course. I now have the confidence to use all these skills in my salon and confidently include eyebrow design to my menu.–Carla Preston, Beauty Therapist

  • Fantastic Course!!! So happy that I chose Brow Secrets International. The training was in depth and very thorough. Easy to understand and made creating beautiful brows exciting and fun. Couldn’t wait to see end results. Now can’t wait to create brows like these for women in SA. Highly Recommended.–Melena Richardson, Beauty Therapist

  • This course has been something I have wanted to do for years. I have never be able to find one that I was drawn to until I discovered Brow Secrets International.
    It was worth the 9 year wait. What I have learnt from this course has been unbelievable. I can now feel confident to design an amazing eyebrow. –Maria Santalucia, Beauty Therapist and Educator

  • Wonderful experience. You really do get the opportunity to look at everything (including your old habits) from a different perspective, seeing things in another light. The information was fantastic, being portrayed with pictures, videos, before and afters, making it very clear and easy to understand.–Brooke Parbutt, Beauty Therapist

  • I absolutely loved this course and so glad I took the plunge and took my eyebrow fetish to new levels. BSI’s work is amazing and I’m so grateful that they are able to share this special skill with those who take part in the course. The information that was shared was so detailed and you walk out knowing so much in such a short time. Eyebrow Artistry is so high in demand. I am so glad I did this course and it certainly delivered what Brow Secrets International said it would!–Sammy Lynch, Makeup Artist