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Transform your business & career with the world's leading brow training organization.

"My business has boomed, my clientele has

tripled and I now have a waiting list of 80 women."

- Freya Tippett, Gold Certified TrueBrow Salon

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The Home of the Natural Brow

If you are a lover of a woman’s natural brow and want to do everything in your power to take care of it, restore it, design and transform it, you are at home.

We will show you the proven way to increase your brow skill and confidence and avoid feeling helpless with your client’s brows ever again.

Discover how to change the way you feel and achieve all of your brow goals with your clients:

  • Feel the confidence of knowing exactly what to do. It will happen here.
  • Learn and grow at your own pace. Select your own brow classes... Feel empowered!
  • Be rewarded with each natural brow you preserve.
  • Delight in your client's excitement and gratitude.

The TrueBrow™ Education has trained the top 1% of brow specialists in the world... Choose your level of achievement.

Rebecca Miller La Bella Medispa

We have been apart of the TrueBrow brand now for I think 3 years. I have 3 clinics and around 8 girls at the moment in the TrueBrow Education. TrueBrow and Elle have changed our business as we are now the go-to brow clinic. I reached out to Elle to help me truly understand "the brow" and how I could really deliver the knowledge to our clients as we know we are not properly educated at college. TrueBrow gives us the opportunity to change lives in such a positive way but also let’s us tap into our own creative inspiring side knowing we are really helping women have beautiful brows. Yes there are challengers with having such a big team and girls moving on but that is business and how I see it is the girls that have had the opportunity to be in TrueBrow that move on are educated so the brow love is spread and we have given these girls the proper education. I do know that Elle Wilson continuous training, Live Classes and Masterclass events are where that magic is. The vision is imprinted into us because it repetitive. TrueBrow is a very big part of the La Bella Medispa brand and look forward to our future together.

Choose Your Level of Achievement

Discover the secrets that have created the world's most distinguished brow specialists. Become a master at designing, transforming your clients natural brows. When you invest in your skill, we invest in your success. Let us show you how to become great.

The world's original system in natural brow design and transformation has changed the lives and businesses of hundreds of beauty professionals; putting an end to expensive marketing. Their skill becomes their badge of success.

Every Beauty Professional Can Become An Expert In Brows. It's Our Mission.


Our Students...

I am so passionate about what I'm offering. My training with TrueBrow™ and the powerful coaching and mentoring with Elle and Toby Wilson have me feeling like a true expert, the authority in the lives of my clients. It's my professional guidance they love following, they are totally convinced because I am.

My TrueBrow Collection is flying off the shelf - I've sold 40 in the last 3 months.

As TrueBrow Specialists, we are the only women in the world that know how to do what for decades upon decades has been considered IMPOSSIBLE. We have the training and the knowledge to do something, that literally NO ONE else knows how to do, and people are left awestruck by the results. Get excited ladies! TrueBrow has given us a gift. People who study at university and get degrees don't even get the kind of gift that TrueBrow has given us... Differentiation, and mega possibility. Sometimes I can't believe that I had 15 new clients in one week and the following week another 17 new clients. Without the incredible coaching provided by Elle and Toby Wilson, however, I would simply be overwhelmed, with their help I feel completely taken care of and know I am on my way to building a powerful brand that will stand the test of time.

Who else is excited about this?

Olivia Depis
Edmonton, Canada

 "Make powerful educational choices, build big dreams.” - Elle Wilson

What we offer

A Brow training system that creates the world's finest brow specialists

Discovering how to create beauty for any brow that enters your studio can happen. It is happening all the time at TrueBrow. Our students achieve results the elate them, everyday.  We will change the way you see brows forever and will elevate you and your business to great heights. 


You deserve to receive the emotional and financial rewards of becoming one of the world's best brow specialists. Join the hundreds of other women who have achieved recognition beyond their wildest dreams. Let us help you become amazing!

Your Dreams Come True

Often the hardest and yet most important question every salon owner must ask themselves is...Why would a client come to me instead of any other salon in my location. TrueBrow is the beauty industry's most powerful answer to this question. It has taken and continues to take professionals and their businesses to great heights.


Did you go into the beauty industry to become a marketer or did you want to make women look and feel beautiful, empower them and build a fabulously successful business? Let the TrueBrow Strategy offer you what other salon owners dream of. 


TrueBrow creates a powerful client loyalty as their hope is restored and the faith in your brand increases your brand's voice. TrueBrow is the perfect skill for any salon owner. Show your prospects what set's you apart and watch as they become your loyal fans.


Introducing the TrueBrow business and marketing strategy. It offers salon owners a powerful experience of lead generation in their business. Clients retention goes up and client attrition goes down. The perfect business equation.

Our Guarantee

Did you know that over...

… 90% of natural brows that enter salons can be saved? The beauty professional hasn’t had the knowledge nor the skill in the past to understand how to work with the natural brow to transform it. The industry has always offered short-term solutions and risky services that often leave the natural brow damaged. Until the TrueBrow™ System, the skill to work with the natural brow was the missing piece of the beauty curriculum. Our guarantee to each of our students is, with their willingness to learn and our cutting-edge education, they will join the TrueBrow™ Specialists that are changing the natural brow world. We will change the way you see and work with the natural brow, forever.


Your work is your resume and your portfolio. With social media at an all time high, it is important for professionals to showcase a quality of work that will stop the social media user in their tracks. Our students have proven the quality of work they produce guarantees recognition and powerful followings that convert to paying clients. Your work is a testament to your future success in the industry. Enjoy the same rewards as our students, worldwide. Experience the joy and fulfillment of a skill that is sought after and loved. We guarantee our training and have the results to prove it!

TRuebrow™ empowers you

Each beauty professional and salon owner wants different levels of achievement with brows. Not every beauty professional wants to specialise in brows or be the brow expert, however, ALL beauty professionals must know how to work with a woman’s natural brow without damaging it. Her beauty depends on it. TrueBrow™ offers many different courses and options to the professional as they choose their level of achievement. All students can proceed at their own pace and continue learning and growing if they wish. Find the course that best suits you and begin...


For many beauty professionals, paid marketing is a thorn in their side. Their love for their work doesn’t include hours of learning and trying to keep up with social media changes and SEO, hoping to attract clients. Their dream is to invest in a specialised skill and earn the title of ‘brow expert’, build a following, a waiting list and never have to pay for marketing again. TrueBrow™ is a proven system for the perfect referral business model. Hundreds of salon owners have worked with TrueBrow™ to perfect their skill and bypass paid marketing. If this is your dream, we guarantee you will get there


​In this climate, it is often challenging to attract quality clients and keep them without discounting prices. Our industry is growing as are female entrepreneurs. Our students have found that the TrueBrow™ Education offers them a differentiation in the marketplace. Many have not only increased their status in their community, but also grown astounding waiting lists for their quality of their brow work. With one specialty skill, hundreds of them have built powerful businesses that just keep growing.


Over the past 7 years, we have built a complete turnkey marketing solution for the salon owner who wants to change their status in their community. Grow fast and attract only quality clients with our step-by-step marketing strategy to increase social media followings and engagement. Email campaigns designed to increase conversions. Beautifully designed templates and images to share. The TrueBrow™ Marketing Strategy is a fool-proof, complete turn-key solution for any salon owner anywhere in the world that wishes to grow and build a powerful referral business with TrueBrow™.


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See the TrueBrow System in action…

BUILD your confidence WITH BROWS

With over 45 years of combined experience in the beauty industry, Toby & Elle Wilson have come to know what works and what doesn't.

Their genuine care and passion for people ensures they not only deliver extraordinary value, but more importantly, the world's finest brow education.

Discover how to become THE EXPERT, THE BROW AUTHORITY, with the Industry's Brow Experts.


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