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2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass

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Get ready to step into the magical world of natural brow restoration and transformation. The world renowned TrueBrow™ System unlocks the door to a brow experience you will offer your clients that will change your business and career forever.


“When you see the look in their eyes, it makes it all worthwhile. I adored my clients. We had an unspoken agreement. I gave them brows to die for and they went out and shared the love with all their friends and colleagues. My business soared. I invested time, energy and money into my skill, but what I was really investing in was me.”

Elle Wilson - Creator of TrueBrow™

What Our Students Love

About TrueBrow™ Education

What Our Students Love About TrueBrow™ Education


After 15 years of beauty therapy I though I did good brows! Unfortunately Beauty School only teaches you the basics and I just rolled with it. TrueBrow has changed my world! I am challenged with EVERY TrueBrow client & I love it! I actually have to use my brain with my brow work now, whereas before I could do them without even thinking. I absolutely love that it's Natural Brow Restoration and that I am helping to save women's natural brows. I think after being a beauty therapist for so long I was on auto-pilot. My main focus was on chatting to my clients rather than being a brow specialist. This is so much better for me and my clients.

Melanie Hibberd Mel's Beauty Salon

About this Course

This 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass was created by Elle Wilson, the founder and creator of TrueBrow™. Every tiny subtlety is included, every moment accounted for as you step into the magical world of natural brow restoration and transformation.

This updated and brand new Masterclass is the world’s first and most powerful 2 day training. After 17 years as a world-expert in the brow industry and 7 years as one of the world’s top brow educators, Elle Wilson has worked tirelessly with her experts to produce a 2 day class like no other.

The focus of this new class is for each student to leave the class empowered and able to confidently transform and restore their clients brows. When you enrol in the 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass, it becomes clear that the TrueBrow™ System offers you more than a simple methodology or standard techniques. Remember, this class is about timeless brow beauty and how to create it for your clients, day in and day out.

You will feel the confidence, the excitement and the inspiration as you discover how to solve the biggest brow challenges your clients have had in the past and for all the new clients that you will attract.
After your 2 day Advanced TrueBrow Masterclass, be warned! Nothing about brows will be the same. You will enter a new world of skill and expertise.

The demonstrations in this class will amaze you and inspire you for what is to come and how this masterful system will change your business or your career, forever.

World-class Education, guidance, kindness, support and inspiration to reach your potential are what drives our company. You matter the most.

If you are a perfectionist and want to become the brow expert in your location and rise to the top with TrueBrow™, this course is the perfect first step.

Your endorsed educator will demonstrate how to create beautiful brow designs right before your eyes, showing you the way. These live demonstrations offer you the opportunity to watch, ask questions and pick up on the tiny details that assist with time-efficiency, precision and maintaining a high level of standard for every brow you will work on for the rest of your career.

Your knowledge becomes a part of you. Investing in yourself is an act of self-love. Our Educators are devoted to your success.

Check out what you will learn below...

Get ready to experience the power of Elle Wilson’s original TrueBrow™ System, the system the entire beauty industry has been whispering about for the last seven years. It is now time to enter the world of natural brow transformation and restoration.

As we say… Come to where the beauty is!


We have been apart of the TrueBrow brand now for I think 3 years. I have 3 clinics and around 8 girls at the moment in the TrueBrow Education. TrueBrow and Elle have changed our business as we are now the go-to brow clinic. I reached out to Elle to help me truly understand "the brow" and how I could really deliver the knowledge to our clients as we know we are not properly educated at college. TrueBrow gives us the opportunity to change lives in such a positive way but also let’s us tap into our own creative inspiring side knowing we are really helping women have beautiful brows. Yes there are challengers with having such a big team and girls moving on but that is business and how I see it is the girls that have had the opportunity to be in TrueBrow that move on are educated so the brow love is spread and we have given these girls the proper education. I do know that Elle Wilson continuous training, Live Classes and Masterclass events are where that magic is. The vision is imprinted into us because it repetitive. TrueBrow is a very big part of the La Bella Medispa brand and look forward to our future together.

Rebecca Miller La Bella Medispa

What Will I Learn?

  • TrueBrow™ Advanced Principles & How to Use Them

You will learn and implement the NEW TrueBrow™ Advanced Principles created by Elle Wilson to restore and transform your clients brows, effortlessly. We highly recommend that all students complete the 1 Day Brow Design Course in preparation for this 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass.

  • How to Create Advanced Vision

Discover how to see beyond the sparse brow, the unruly brow, the compromised brow and even the microbladed fails, to create beauty for your clients. Advanced Vision is a NEW and exciting addition to the TrueBrow™ System. Use step-by-step guidelines to create real, natural beauty for your clients.

  • Discover How to Create Brows with a Single Purpose

For women who love feeling and looking soft, open and feminine, their brows are one of their most important beauty assets. Find clarity when you understand the purpose of a woman’s brow; how to mold it, transform it, design it to express your client’s inner beauty.

  • Understand the Art of Advanced Flow as created by Elle Wilson

When restoring and transforming compromised brows, Advanced Flow is essential. Here is how you stop making brow mistakes with your client’s natural brows. Finally impress your client because you know the real solution to your her brow problems.

  • The Real Anatomy Within the Eyebrow

Begin using the language created by Elle Wilson to describe all aspects of the brow. You are now elevating your skill to brow 'specialist’ and so using the language of experts is important. Discover the anatomy of the brow and how it will support you to make better decisions when working with deeply challenging brows.

  • How to Create the Perfect Arch as created by Elle Wilson

Understand how to find the arch even when a brow is compromised or lacking in beauty. You will learn how to work with unruly brows, sparse brows and damaged brows to find the perfect arch each time.

  • How to Make a Flat, Straight Brow Flow

The TrueBrow™ Flow has transformed tens of thousands of brows, worldwide. Discover how to transform a brow into a masterpiece. Learn where to begin, where to stand, how to use your NEW lighting techniques and how to position your body to easily transform any brow.

  • How to Soften Harshly Angled Brows

You will begin to understand the subtleties that make all the difference to your work when transforming a woman’s brow from a harshly angled brow into a soft, feminine, elegant piece of art. You will know which part of the brow needs support and which part of the brow you can remove.

  • How to Reduce Roundness to Create a Perfect Shape

Discover how the TrueBrow™ Advanced Principles work with all parts of the brow to remove roundness either instantly or over time. Each brow is different but the TrueBrow™ Advanced Principles are universal.

  • How to Design and Transform Unruly and Curly Brows with Trimming

The myths surrounding trimming will be completely busted in this class! You will begin to see, where other professionals would have their clients pay for expensive ‘keratin’ or ‘brow straightening’ treatments, how you can use these advanced trimming techniques to impress your clients with instant results.

  • How to use the Advanced Art of Trimming created by Elle Wilson

Your educator will demonstrate the advanced art of trimming to avoid creating holes, avoid trimming unevenly and how to become confident in your technique. The advanced art of trimming is essential when transforming or restoring any brow and your educator will share the secret that will have you transforming your client’s brows, rather than damaging them.

  • Discover the Art of Linkage created by Elle Wilson

Created over 5 years ago, the Art of Linkage is the answer to harsh and severe brow work. Discover how to create the soft, feminine beauty that TrueBrow™ is famous for. The Art of Linkage IS the difference you see in all our stunning TrueBrow™ results.

  • Discover Elle Wilson’s Secret Sweet Spot For Creating Soft Femininity

There are so many ways to work with a brow to find its sweet spot. You will learn how to find it, use it and work with the brow to find its unique beauty even when it is unruly, damaged or sparse. The sweet spot is another answer to finding beauty in even the most challenging of brows.

  • Discover Elle Wilson's Advanced Tinting Techniques

Tinting is not essential to do this class, but wow! When you learn the advanced tinting techniques in your 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass you will see, understand and finally feel the confidence that comes with knowledge and implementation. Advanced tinting makes brow restoration and transformation REAL.

  • Tinting Processing Times for Safety and Longevity

As a beauty professional, you need to understand the principles of advanced tinting. Using information that is often not shared about processing times, you will learn how to work on your client’s brows with confidence. You will discover how to make your tint last along with Elle Wilson’s foolproof method to avoid over or under tinting a brow. Finally, you will know how to troubleshoot your tinting challenges with cutting-edge tinting protocol.

  • Discover the Art of Natural Restoration as created by Elle Wilson

Discover, how, when, where and why... Every step when endeavouring to restore, rebuild or rehabilitate a brow is laid out in a step-by-step protocol. You will learn it all in this 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass.

  • The TrueBrow™ Art of a Woman's Natural Brow Potential

Get to see how often the natural potential of a woman’s brows is destroyed, removed or ignored. Millions of brows are ‘condemned’ to tattooing, fads or other trends. In this class you will learn the powerful knowledge that will stop you compromising what is possible for your client’s brows. It’s a step-by-step system. You will love it!

  • How to Make Real Decisions Based on Facts Not Lack of Knowledge

To trim or not to trim? To tweeze or not to tweeze? To remove or to leave? All of the answers to these questions will be shared in detail during your class. You will be more confident when making decisions and guiding your clients.

  • Elle Wilson's NEW Advanced Work Positions

Discover how to work on the brow with ease. These NEW advanced work positions support you as you make essential decisions about the anatomy of the brow you are working on. Enjoy learning how to make your brow work a breeze!

  • Discover the Cutting-edge TrueBrow™ Lighting Techniques

Transform your brow work when you discover the magic of cutting-edge lighting techniques. Your restoration and transformation depends on this knowledge. You will discover it all in your 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass.

  • Exposing and Eliminating the Worst Brow Habits

You will be shocked, amazed and grateful as your educator takes you through the 3 worst brow habits and exposes them to you. You will enjoy knowing what NOT to do.

  • Understanding Hair Growth Patterns

Experience the beauty of ALL hair growth patterns and how to work with them to create a more beautiful result for your client. Discover how to work with the brow to allow it to reveal its potential to you. You will learn how to see hair growth patterns in a new way; to work with them instead of against them. Your clients will love you for it.

  • Working Confidently with Fan Hairs

Learn how to work with and/or rebuild fan hairs as you allow your client to experience the natural potential of her brow. You will discover how to deal with fan hairs that are very unruly due to a damaged hair follicle.

  • How to Level an Uneven Brow

You will discover and learn the LATEST techniques that are unfolding due to the increased number of uneven brows. Years and years of damage and tattooing has left hundreds of thousands of women with brows that need immediate correction. This is an essential and foundational protocol in the TrueBrow™ System training.

  • Increasing Your Time-Efficiency

In business, time is everything! Learn how to work fast and meticulously with the use of simple guidelines and principles.

  • How to Prepare the Brow

Over 34 years of experience of trial and error will guide you in the simplest and most effective way to prepare your client’s brow. It’s the simple things that often make a world of difference to your work.

  • How to Prepare your Client

Get ready to learn how to prepare your client for an awesome experience. Preparation is key and will help you connect and give your client confidence in you.

  • Perfect Tweezing

Bad tweezing damages hair follicles and causes unnecessary pain to your client. Give your clients the experience of a lifetime with every visit. The art of tweezing will increase your confidence and your professionalism, instantly.

  • The Use of Wax vs. Tweezers

Discover how waxing, threading and sugaring when you need to tweeze can cause brow friction and leave your client looking harsh and severe. This is one piece of knowledge that will change your brow work immediately!

  • Client Aftercare

What to use and want not to use to avoid skin irritation and skin reactions. Client safety is good for your business and your career.

  • Live Demonstrations by Your Educator

Get ready to be inspired, motivated and even think… “This is crazy, how do they do that?” Your educator is a highly trained, highly skilled TrueBrow™ expert. With years of education under the watchful eye of the creator and founder of TrueBrow™, practice, experience and loyalty to the world’s first education you will be in awe. Get to see first-hand what all the fuss is about right before your eyes.

  • Working with Models while Supervised

You will get started right away! Become familiar with the principles and the techniques under the keen eye of your educator as she supports you and guides you to your new level of skill and understanding. Work with different brow shapes and feel the difference with complete confidence that you are being guided by the world’s best.

  • Troubleshooting Challenging Client Situations

You will learn the 3 powerful ways to influence your clients and lead them with love, respect and dignity.

  • Recommended Tools and Products

There is the right way and the wrong way. Get the right equipment, save money and enjoy the ease and simplicity of a workspace that feels perfect day in and day out. Discover how little you need to create stunning brows.

  • Contraindications

Your client’s safety must always come first. Learn how to ask, how to diagnose and when to say no to avoid cross contamination or any irritation or reactions to your client. Safety first.

  • How to Create the Perfect Instagram Content

Watch as your educator takes photos Instagram pros will envy. The perfect photo is the first step towards growing your brand and building your brow portfolio. Learn it all from your educator.

  • Set Up Your Studio to Build a Powerhouse Brow Portfolio

Learn how to create the perfect space to take your best photos. Discover how to set up your studio for an easeful workflow.

  • The Safe Brow Consult & Perfect Client Consultation Form

Discover Elle’s unique leadership and connection methods. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you are keeping your clients safe as well as connecting and leading them. The ‘safe’ brow consult is key to a successful career in any beauty service. Get the blueprint and use it for any other beauty service you wish.

  • Client Waiver Forms

Ready to download and use in your salon.

  • Client Release Forms

Ready to download and use in your salon.

What I valued most about the Masterclass was Elle herself! Not just what she taught us about brows, but everything she brings. This was an event unlike any other!

I love TrueBrow™.

Bianca Baker

Mackay, QLD

Such an incredible course. It has literally changed the way I look at brows forever! Love this beautiful bunch of passionate, talented and dedicated women from all over the world. This truly is an amazing and precious skill

Whitney Hartman

Burleigh, QLD

Learn the skill... Experience the Joy!

TrueBrow™ Specialist Bianca Baker and her very own TrueBrow™ Transformation... @biancajadebrowartistry_beauty 

Our TrueBrow™ Queens @blissrichmondquarter

@sabrinabrowandskin changing woman's lives with natural brow transformations.

@artisanbrowandlash undoing the myth that the natural brow can't grow back.

@soul_garden_holistic_beauty One 2 Day Masterclass and Fleur Mckinlay is making magic happen for her client in one appointment. The Natural Brow is Back.

@whitneyhartmann is rocking TrueBrow™ with this beautiful natural brow creation. The TrueBrow™ education is perfectly suited to the passionate professional. No rules, just principles.

@skinandbrowsbyrachel has made this clients brow dreams come true with the TrueBrow™ Education. The Natural Brow is back.

@houseofqueens_laken using the TrueBrow™ principles and Education to transform her client's natural beauty. Brow client forever!

TrueBrow™ is the home of the Natural Brow. @artisanbrowandlash knows never to say never!

TrueBrow™ and @whitneyhartmann sharing their love for the Natural Brow.

@angelamee_hair_makeup_brows achieving unbelievable results with TrueBrow™.

@onceuponabrow honoring the Natural Brow with TrueBrow™.

@thenaturalbrow.yeg tames the wild natural brow to perfection. 

@beautyroomnz helps her client devastated by microblading, finally find a natural solution with TrueBrow™.

@thenaturalbrow.yeg proves that "nothing is carved in stone."  and a woman falls back in love with her Natural Brow.​​

What Will I Receive?

You will receive exclusive access to our Facebook Group for support and guidance. Elle Wilson will be present in this group to watch her students flourish and offer her guidance and expertise.

Brow Training with Elle Wilson.

Enrol in your 2 Day Brow Design class and you will have the opportunity to attend Live Class Webinars each month. Live Class Webinars mean you can watch Elle Wilson work on your client's brows live on screen to perfect them and help you improve your skill or watch her work on brows from other brow students.

When you complete the full two day Brow Design Course you will not only receive a certificate of attendance signed by Elle Wilson, but have the opportunity to move forward with your assessment to become listed on the TrueBrow™ directory.

What Our Students Love

About TrueBrow™ Education

What Our Students Love about TrueBrow™ Education


I would like to say, that ever since I came across TrueBrow via social media, I was definitely drawn to the type of brow design that they offer! Instantly I just wanted to learn more about it! I contacted the team and from the moment I spoke to Elle Wilson, I knew I wanted to do it! I signed up for the course back in December 2018 and by February 2019 I attended and participated in the 2 day Foundational Masterclass which was amazing and met the loveliest TrueBrow sisters! It was very hands on with all the models and practice schedule, it was great to see Elle doing what she does best! I had a wonderful time! Then I was fortunate enough to win the one-on-one, private session with Elle which I attended back in May and it was even more amazing as I had her full attention and everything was explained and her guidance with our models has been amazing and really helped me even more understand the process and the TrueBrow principles! My experience in this TrueBrow journey is definitely a positive one! It gave me more enthusiasm in brow work, and since introducing TrueBrow in my Home Salon, I’ve now gained the loveliest brow clients! I know I still have long way to go, but I am just excited that I’ve learned the TrueBrow way of doing brows that is back to basics yet it works , meticulous and giving women these soft, feminine and beautiful brows that us women truly deserve! I highly recommend TrueBrow to any wishing to do it!

Josenia Kenealy Lash Delight & Beauty

My journey with TrueBrow began in October 2018 - I came to Elle dissatisfied with previous eyebrow courses I had attended, I expressed my passion for brows, and shared with her my dream to eventually have my own brow business.

Elle welcomed me with open arms and since I had luckily signed up days before her Perth Masterclass, I completed my online modules and was face to face with her days later. I initially felt SO out of my depth, I had never seen a group of passionate Beauty Therapists so dedicated and invested in “saving the natural brow” and creating the perfect brow for each individual woman. I immediately knew I was exactly where I needed to be - and quickly learnt that everything I had learnt during my Diploma about brows needed to be thrown out the window.

TrueBrow isn’t just another brow course - it’s a sisterhood, an authentic brand, a natural design based method of achieving beautiful, feminine, soft brows. I let my fear takeover and pretended that I hadn’t signed up to my course for MONTHS. I kept pushing it to the back of my mind, believing that I would never be able to master TrueBrow. I recently attended my second day of my Masterclass with the talented Rachael Mezzatesta of Once Upon a Brow, and the fire inside my belly was reignited. I jumped on my online classes, went through all my online modules and have been consistently practicing on models every week.

I have immersed myself in TrueBrow, and am seeing dramatic changes in my work, the way I look at brows and in my confidence. I am aiming to launch TrueBrow before 2020, and will be building my client base from nothing with TrueBrow, which once terrified me, but I honestly believe in TrueBrow so much that I KNOW I am going to be successful.

Ashleah Cummings Perth, Western Australia

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I receive a certificate?
    Students who complete the full 2-day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass will receive a certificate of attendance signed by Elle Wilson, personally from the Elle Wilson Academy.

  2. Will I receive a take-home manual?
    Students who attend the 2 day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass, will be invited into their very own Facebook Group for support and guidance. Elle Wilson will be present in this group to watch her students flourish and offer her guidance and expertise.

    All attendees will have the opportunity to attend Live Class Webinars each month. Live Class Webinars mean you can watch Elle Wilson work on your salon brows on screen to perfect them and help you improve your skill or watch her work on brows from other brow students.

    Live Classes are $99 per class and are optional.

    Value bundles will be offered to all students of the 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass.

    As a part of your FREE bonus resources that you will receive for enrolling in the 2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass, you will gain access to 4 LIVE TrueBrow™ Online Design Classes with Elle Wilson. This 4 week course is completely separate from the Live Class Webinars offered above. 

  3. What equipment/tools do I need to complete this course?
    You will only need to supply your own tweezers, scissors and tinting tools. For those who wish to use threading or sugaring as their hair removal technique, you will need to supply your own threading/ sugaring materials. All of the following will be provided, disposables, waxing materials, massage beds and lighting.

  4. Who is this course for?
    The 2-Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass is perfect for any beauty professional who is ready to take their brow skill to an entirely new level, forget what they learned in beauty college and become a sought-after brow artist using real knowledge and skills.

    It is highly recommended by Elle Wilson that prior to enrolling in the 2-day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass, that you enrol in our 1 Day Brow Design Course. This will give you a strong foundation and understanding to enter this class with confidence and achieve the results quicker and easier.

    To enroll in the 2-Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass, a certification in Waxing & Tinting is required.

  5. How long does the course take?
    Your 2 day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass is a 2 day course.
    Start time 8.30am and end of day 6.00pm each day.

  6. Can I speak with an educator for more information?
    Of course. One of our endorsed educators would be happy to connect with you on a phone call. Please visit our educators page and select the educator you wish to speak with.

  7. Will I need to supply my own models for the course?
    Yes. We will offer you popular places, sites and ways to secure models for your event for especially for those who are travelling great distances. [All models will be reviewed and selected by your Educator to ensure they perfect for your class content.]

  8. How many models will I work on during this course?
    You will work on 5 models. You will also have the opportunity to watch your endorsed educator work on models during the live demonstrations.

  9. When is the next course running?
    Please find at the bottom of this page our list of upcoming courses and the endorsed educator running the course.

Upcoming 2 Day Advanced Masterclass Events


Sabrina Ehlis - Minneapolis, MN

Date: 23rd & 24th February, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 26th & 27th April, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Michelle Bouse - Burbank, CA

Dates Coming Soon!

Valerie Schaubroeck - Rochester, NY

Dates Coming Soon!

Laura Reichel - Manassas, VA

Date: 2nd & 3rd February, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Kelsie Stajcar - Ankeny, IA

Dates Coming Soon!


Elle Wilson - Kingscliff, NSW

Date: 21st & 22nd January, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Rachael Mezzatesta - Perth, WA

Date: 19th & 20th January, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 16th & 17th February, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 8th & 9th March, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 22nd & 23rd March, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 5th & 6th April, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Sammy Lynch - North Brisbane, QLD

Dates Coming Soon!


1 Day Brow Design Class

Get ready to enter the world of stunning brow design. One day of ‘aha’ moments and magical realizations that will change your brow work instantly.

Value: $​1,500

Today only...


  • Elle Wilson's Design Principles
  • TrueBrow™ Vision
  • Real Brow Anatomy
  • Purpose of the Brow
  • Trimming the Right Way
  • Create Soft Feminine Arches
  • Create Soft Flowing Brows
  • Understanding Friction
  • Removing Friction
  • Understanding Harmony
  • Different Brow Shapes
  • Different Hair Growth Patterns
  • Challenging Client Situations
  • The Worst Brow Habits
  • Curly and Unruly Brows
  • Brow Angling
  • When to Wax, When to Tweeze
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Working With Models
  • Preparing the Brow
  • Preparing Your Client
  • Increasing Your Efficiency
  • Advanced Tweezing Techniques
  • Client Aftercare
  • Identifying Contraindications
  • Avoid Negative Skin Reactions
  • The ‘Safe’ Brow Consult
  • Work Space Efficiency
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Recommended Products


Click Here to speak with an Educator about our PAYMENT PLANS.


2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass

The world renowned TrueBrow™ System unlocks the door to a brow experience you will offer your clients that will change your business and career forever.

Value: $​2,​500

Today only...


  • TrueBrow™ Advanced Principles
  • How to Create Advanced Vision
  • How to Implement Brow Purpose
  • Anatomy Within the Eyebrow
  • Creating the Perfect Arc
  • Make a Flat, Straight Brow Flow
  • Soften Harshly Angled Brows
  • How to Reduce Roundness
  • Transform Unruly Brows 
  • The Advanced Art of Trimming
  • The Art of Linkage
  • The Secret Sweet Spot
  • Advanced Tinting Techniques
  • Tinting Processing Times
  • The Art of Natural Restoration
  • How to Find Natural Potential
  • Factual Decision Making
  • New Advanced Work Positions
  • Cutting-edge Lighting
  • Eliminate the Worst Brow Habits
  • Hair Growth Patterns
  • Mastering Fan Hairs
  • Level an Uneven Brows
  • Increasing Your Time-Efficiency
  • How to Prepare the Brow
  • How to Prepare your Client
  • Perfect Tweezing
  • Use of Wax vs Tweezers
  • Client Aftercare
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Working with Models
  • Challenging Client Situations
  • Recommended Tools
  • Recommended Products
  • Contraindications
  • Instagram Brow Content
  • Your Powerhouse Brow Portfolio
  • The Safe Brow Consult
  • The Perfect Client Consultation
  • Client Waiver Forms
  • Client Release Forms


Click Here to speak with an Educator about our PAYMENT PLANS.

Need help making your decision? 
Speak with one of Elle Wilson's Educators.

The Woman ​Behind the Education

Hi, I'm Elle Wilson

I entered the beauty industry over 34 years ago and have built my knowledge, expertise and love, for the industry ever since. I know what it’s like to want to be better, to be exceptional, to wait with anticipation while my client looks at herself in the mirror for the first time...

I have trained 100’s of beauty professionals, internationally, who are now solving the greatest challenges women are facing with their natural brows. No gimmicks or short-term fixes, just an authentic, proven system that promises my salon owners loyal, quality customers for life.

My mission is to offer the knowledge to the beauty industry that offers a real solution for the natural brow.