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1 Day Brow Design Course

Payment Plan Options Available!

Payment Plan

Options Available!

Get ready to enter the world of stunning brow design. One day of ‘aha’ moments and magical realizations that will change your brow work instantly. Are you ready to create beautiful brows for your clients?


"When choosing a class you need to know that you are choosing the best training the industry has to offer. You want your educators to care deeply about your success as a professional and have access to the world’s highest level of brow education. You want to leave your class feeling confident, self-assured and ready to create more beautiful brows as soon as you get back behind the chair. The results of any class must be in your skill when you walk out that door."

Elle Wilson - Creator of TrueBrow™

What Our Students Love

About TrueBrow™ Education

What Our Students Love About TrueBrow™ Education


I found the Masterclass absolutely fantastic! The skill, growth and confidence I gained from attending has been invaluable for me to take back and implement in my own business.

Kirstin Jensen The Beauty Room NZ

I've been with TrueBrow for nearly a year and my skill level has improved dramatically. Elle has taught me so much and I truly love and believe in the TrueBrow System!

Misty Gilles Beauty Collective Co

About this Course

This 1 day Brow Design Course was created by Elle Wilson, the founder and creator of TrueBrow™, offering all beauty professionals the opportunity to enjoy the confidence and skill needed to create beautiful brows. If you’re ready to leave behind the doubt and uncertainty of ‘how to’, this course is just for you.

This course is for you if you have a passion for the natural brow.

You want nothing more than to improve your skills, knowledge and ability to create beautiful brows for your clients.

Most importantly you want to learn from the original creator of the world's first Brow System dedicated to a woman's natural brow, and her hand selected Educators.

World-class Education, guidance, kindness, support, inspiration to reach your potential are what drives our company. You matter the most.

If you are a perfectionist and want to become the brow expert in your location and rise to the top with TrueBrow™, this course is the perfect first step.

Your endorsed educator will demonstrate how to create beautiful brow designs right before your eyes, showing you the way. These live demonstrations offer you the opportunity to watch, ask questions and pick up on the tiny details that assist with time-efficiency, precision and maintaining a high level of standard for every brow you will work on for the rest of your career.

Your knowledge becomes a part of you. Investing in yourself is an act of self-love. Our Educators are devoted to  your success.

Check out what you will learn below...

Get ready to experience the power of Elle Wilson’s TrueBrow™ system, the system the entire beauty industry has been whispering about for the last seven years. It is now time to enter the world of feminine, elegant, timeless natural beauty.

As we say… Come to where the beauty is!

To attend this course, you will need to have completed a course in waxing & tinting. If you are yet to have completed a course in waxing & tinting or are in need of a refresher, click here to see our available courses.


Since joining TrueBrow and attending my first Masterclass I have had a whole new perspective on brow design and restoration. I had so many false ideas about what was the perfect brow prior to this training and I realised that this was driven by trends, rather then what would suit the client in front of me. During the TrueBrow Masterclass I learnt how to sculpt brows, work on a restoration plan and empower my clients to feel amazing about their brows again. I found brow hairs that I never realised were there and I learnt how to enhance a women's face shape by creating her a natural brow. Lastly, I learnt how to use the TrueBrow Collection which I found so unique in comparison other brow products on the market. I am really excited to bring this training back into my business and start creating beautiful brows

Kathleen Klassman Soul Awaken Skin Therapies

What Will I Learn?

  • The TrueBrow™ Design Principles

Discover the principles that have created the world’s top 1% of brow specialists. You will learn how to use these principles to create more brow beauty than you ever hoped for.

  • How to Create the TrueBrow™ Vision

This is the FIRST thing we teach all of our brand new, passionate, eager to learn students to get them to create more beautiful brows instantly... PLUS: You'll get to peak behind the scenes as your Educator demonstrates creating the TrueBrow™ Vision right before your eyes. With ease and simplicity you will discover the power of Elle Wilson’s creative genius and how to use it on every brow.

  • How to See the Real Anatomy Within the Brow

You will discover Elle Wilson’s ‘brow language’ that is revolutionizing the beauty industry and will elevate you to a new status in the mind of your client. Stand tall, you got this.

  • The Ultimate Purpose of a Brow

There is only one education in the world that can help you embody this depth of understanding of the purpose of the brow. Why…? Because we created it. You will learn how to create the same level of softness and feminine flow that only a dedicated TrueBrow™ Specialist can. Join our world-class brow club.

  • The Power of Trimming the Right Way

You will discover the 'secret' trimming techniques that our TrueBrow™ Specialist use to turn miserable brows into Instagram sensations... this 1 Day Course not only lets you in on the secret, but allows you to instantly see the change in your brow work.

  • How to Create Soft Feminine Arches

You will learn how to go from blocky brows to timeless elegance in a few easy steps. Discover the secret to undeniable brow beauty and how to create it and leave your client breathless. That moment when your client looks in the mirror and her jaw drops… That’s it!

  • How to Create Soft Flowing Brows

Elle Wilson’s signature brow is soft, timeless and elegant. Come in and join us as we take your hand and offer you the skills, knowledge and guidance to become a part of the natural brow phenomenon.

  • Understanding Friction

How to charge MORE for your brow services by removing FRICTION from your brow work with this one simple insight... if you are tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel for brow clients, then you are going to LOVE this one simple solution and you can start upping those prices!

  • How to Remove the Friction That's Damaging Your Client’s Brows

This is a piece of the puzzle that will change your work instantly. The ‘aha’ moments will leave you drawn for more. Here is where the passion and the creativity of what is possible soars. It is the piece of the puzzle that every beauty professional working on brows must have.

  • Discover the Beauty in Harmony

Want to learn how and why our TrueBrow™ Specialists charge up to $125 for brow design services and why many have endless waiting lists? Cool, because we are going to show you how… the key word is Harmony!

  • Working With Different Brow Shapes

The surprising truth behind the brow industry myths and how to avoid them. Never use face shapes, stencils or brow mapping to create your client’s brows. We will take you into a whole new understanding of brow beauty… you will receive the insider knowledge.

  • Working With Different Hair Growth Patterns

You will discover the hidden principles behind hair growth patterns and how to use them to work with any brow. This alone will change the way you see and work with brows forever, as you discover how to create your client’s brow dreams.

  • Troubleshooting Challenging Client Situations

You will learn the 3 powerful ways to influence your clients and  how to lead them with love, respect and dignity. 

  • The Worst Brow Habits and How to Stop Them

Discover why these brow habits distort your brow work without you even realizing it. Get ready to feel empowered and finally see what you are doing wrong and how you can easily correct it.

  • How to Work With Curly and Unruly Brows

Get to see how curly, unruly brows become smooth masterpieces with the use of powerful techniques used by hundreds of TrueBrow™ Specialists worldwide. You will see how scissors, the right tweezers and your hands is all you need to amaze your client in one session.

  • The Power of Brow Angling

You will LOVE this section of the 1 Day Brow Design Course. It is one of the most powerful and foundational pieces of Elle Wilson’s original education. It will rock your world and change not only your brow work, but your view of the brow.

  • When to Wax, When to Tweeze (Elle's Secret Formula)

Discover why using waxing, threading or sugaring when you need to tweeze can cause brow friction and will leave your client looking harsh and brows severe. This one piece of knowledge alone will change your brow work immediately.

  • Live Demonstrations by Your Educator

Get ready to be inspired, motivated and even think… “This is crazy, how did they just do that?” Your Educator is a highly trained, highly skilled TrueBrow™ expert. With years of education under the watchful eye of the creator and founder of TrueBrow™, you will now get to see first hand what all the fuss is about, right before your eyes.

  • Working With Models While Supervised

You will become familiar with the simple principles and the techniques under the keen eye of your educator as she supports and guides you to your new level of skill and understanding. Work with different brow shapes and feel the difference with complete confidence that you are being guided by the world’s best.

  • How to Prepare the Brow

Over 34 years of experience, along with much trial and error, will now guide you directly to the simplest and most effective way to prepare your client’s brow. It’s the simple things that often make the world of difference to your work.

  • How to Prepare Your Client

Get ready to learn how to prepare your client for an amazing experience. Preparation is key and will help you connect and give your client confidence in you.

  • Decrease Your Time by Increasing Your Efficiency

In business time is everything. Learn how to work fast and meticulously with the use of simple guidelines and principles.

  • Advanced Tweezing Techniques

Bad tweezing damages hair follicles and causes unnecessary pain to your client. Give your client the experience of a lifetime every visit. The Art of Tweezing will increase your confidence and your professionalism, instantly.

  • Client Aftercare

Know what to use and want not to use to avoid skin irritation and skin reactions. Client safety is good for your clients, good for your business and good for you career.

  • Identifying Contraindications

Your client's safety must always come first. Learn how to ask the right questions, how to diagnose and when to say no to avoid cross contamination or any irritation or reactions to your client.

  • How to Avoid Negative Skin Reactions

These tricks of the trade have been learnt and accumulated and for more than 3 decades. Now they are yours.

  • The ‘Safe’ Brow Consult

Discover Elle’s unique leadership and client connection methods. Enjoy the confidence of knowing you are keeping your clients safe, as well as connecting and leading them. The ‘safe’ brow consult is key to a successful career in any beauty service. Get the blueprint and use it for any other beauty service you wish.

  • How to Prepare Your Work Space for Efficiency

There is no substitute for over 3 decades of experience. You will get it all. Discover how to prepare your space for efficiency and most importantly for your client to feel both comfortable and confident.

  • Elle Wilson’s Highly Recommended Equipment

There is the right way and the wrong way. Get the right equipment, save $$$ and enjoy the ease and simplicity of a workspace that feels perfect, day in and day out.

  • Elle Wilson’s Highly Recommended Products

Discover how little you need to create stunning brows and get to keep your cash in your pocket!

Come to where

the beauty is...

There is really nothing that compares to this training. The support you receive is incredible and doesn't end. You really get back so much more than what is expected. Truly, it's a decision you won't regret.

Caroline Loewengart

Caroline Rose Brows & Lashes

I feel like I am really walking away from this Masterclass with confidence. It has changed my brow work completely by educating me on how to truly bring out a vision for a brow.

Meleita Vine

Bianca Jade Brow Artistry & Beauty

As always, my work has developed to yet another level. Gaining the confidence to know what my vision and design is - and to remove or leave that one hair that will make such a difference is magical and truly powerful.

Margie Gleeson

Eloquent Eyes

The training is amazing and we all learn and grow regardless of how long we have been doing brows

Nakia Vargas 

Brow to Toe Waxing 

The experience has brought my brow designs to another level. I have enough confidence to charge the price I am worth. I'm looking forward to getting back in the salon and using the knowledge I gained

Michelle Dattolo

Belle Allure Salon & spa

What I valued most was the support and encouragement, as well as practical advice. The Masterclass has completely changed the way I look at a brow.

Bree Keating

Le Chic Skin & Beauty

What Will I Receive?

You will receive exclusive access to our Facebook Group for support and guidance. Elle Wilson will be present in this group to watch her students flourish and offer her guidance and expertise.

Brow Training with Elle Wilson.

Enrol in your 1 Day Brow Design class and you will have the opportunity to attend Live Class Webinars each month. Live Class Webinars mean you can watch Elle Wilson work on your client's brows live on screen to perfect them and help you improve your skill or watch her work on brows from other brow students.

When you complete the full one day Brow Design Course you will receive a certificate of attendance signed by Elle Wilson.

What Our Students Love

About Elle Wilson's Education

What Our Students Love About Elle Wilson's Education


I feel like a brow artist now, rather than a beauty therapist who waxes brows. This class gave me the confidence to grow my business.

Megan Dolton Calm Oasis Massage & Beauty

I loved how community oriented it was. It was nice to discuss things together as a team. It was great having the instructors/trainers Elle Wilson & Sabrina Ehlis so involved in every step. I never felt alone which was great. I felt like it was more thorough than anything else on the market"

Larissa Day Brow Club of Boulder

It is the highest level of training I have done in a long time and it was so much more than expected. I have had the most wonderful time and I am so excited to put it all together when I get back in the salon.

Megan Cupit White Sage Skin & Wellness

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I receive a certificate?
    Students who complete the full one day Brow Design Course will receive a certificate of attendance signed by Elle Wilson, personally from the Elle Wilson Academy.

  2. Will I receive a take-home manual?
    Students who attend the 1 day Brow Design Course, will be invited into their very own Facebook Group for support and guidance. Elle Wilson will be present in this group to watch her students flourish and offer her guidance and expertise.

    All attendees will have the opportunity to attend Live Class Webinars each month. Live Class Webinars mean you can watch Elle Wilson work on your salon brows on screen to perfect them and help you improve your skill or watch her work on brows from other brow students.

    Live Classes are $99 per class and are optional.

    Value bundles will be offered to all students of the 1 Day Brow Design Course.

  3. What equipment/tools do I need to complete this course?
    You will only need to supply your own tweezers and scissors. For those who wish to use threading or sugaring as their hair removal technique, you will need to supply your own threading/ sugaring materials. All of the following will be provided, disposables, waxing materials, massage beds and lighting.

  4. Who is this course for?
    Any existing beauty professional or new beauty graduate wishing to boost their confidence and improve their skills and techniques to shape a more beautiful brow, naturally. It is also available to other beauty professionals who have completed the waxing and tinting course but have not completed a full diploma in beauty.

  5. How long does the course take?
    Your Brow Design Course is a 1 day course.
    Start time 8.30am and end of day 6.00pm.

  6. Can I speak with an educator for more information?
    Of course. One of our endorsed educators would be happy to connect with you on a phone call. Please visit our educators page and select the educator you wish to speak with.

  7. Will I need to supply my own models for the course?
    Yes. We will offer you popular places, sites and ways to secure models for your event for especially for those who are travelling great distances. [All models will be reviewed and selected by your Educator to ensure they perfect for your class content.]

  8. How many models will I work on during this course?
    You will work on 3 models. You will also have the opportunity to watch your endorsed educator work on models during the live demonstrations.

  9. When is the next course running?
    Please find at the bottom of this page our list of upcoming courses and the endorsed educator running the course.

Upcoming Courses


Sabrina Ehlis - Minneapolis, MN

Date: 22nd March 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Michelle Bouse - Burbank, CA

Date: 17th February 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 16th March 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Valerie Schaubroeck - Rochester, NY

Dates Coming Soon!

Laura Reichel - Manassas, VA

Date: 28th January, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Kelsie Stajcar - Ankeny, IA

Dates Coming Soon!

Caroline Loewengart - Louisville, CO

Date: 10th February, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 16th March, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 20th April, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Date: 18th May, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm


Rachael Mezzatesta - Perth, WA

Date: 23rd February, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Elle Wilson - Kingscliff, NSW

Date: 20th January, 2020

Time: 8:30am - 6:00pm

Sammy Lynch - North Brisbane, QLD

Dates Coming Soon!


1 Day Brow Design Class

Get ready to enter the world of stunning brow design. One day of ‘aha’ moments and magical realizations that will change your brow work instantly.

Value: $​1,​500

Today only...


  • Elle Wilson's Design Principles
  • TrueBrow™ Vision
  • Real Brow Anatomy
  • Purpose of the Brow
  • Trimming the Right Way
  • Create Soft Feminine Arches
  • Create Soft Flowing Brows
  • Understanding Friction
  • Removing Friction
  • Understanding Harmony
  • Different Brow Shapes
  • Different Hair Growth Patterns
  • Challenging Client Situations
  • The Worst Brow Habits
  • Curly and Unruly Brows
  • Brow Angling
  • When to Wax, When to Tweeze
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Working With Models
  • Preparing the Brow
  • Preparing Your Client
  • Increasing Your Efficiency
  • Advanced Tweezing Techniques
  • Client Aftercare
  • Identifying Contraindications
  • Avoid Negative Skin Reactions
  • The ‘Safe’ Brow Consult
  • Work Space Efficiency
  • Recommended Equipment
  • Recommended Products


Click Here to speak with an Educator about our PAYMENT PLANS.


2 Day Advanced TrueBrow™ Masterclass

The world renowned TrueBrow™ System unlocks the door to a brow experience you will offer your clients that will change your business and career forever.

Value: $​2,​500

Today only...


  • TrueBrow™ Advanced Principles
  • How to Create Advanced Vision
  • How to Implement Brow Purpose
  • Anatomy Within the Eyebrow
  • Creating the Perfect Arc
  • Make a Flat, Straight Brow Flow
  • Soften Harshly Angled Brows
  • How to Reduce Roundness
  • Transform Unruly Brows 
  • The Advanced Art of Trimming
  • The Art of Linkage
  • The Secret Sweet Spot
  • Advanced Tinting Techniques
  • Tinting Processing Times
  • The Art of Natural Restoration
  • How to Find Natural Potential
  • Factual Decision Making
  • New Advanced Work Positions
  • Cutting-edge Lighting
  • Eliminate the Worst Brow Habits
  • Hair Growth Patterns
  • Mastering Fan Hairs
  • Level an Uneven Brows
  • Increasing Your Time-Efficiency
  • How to Prepare the Brow
  • How to Prepare your Client
  • Perfect Tweezing
  • Use of Wax vs Tweezers
  • Client Aftercare
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Working with Models
  • Challenging Client Situations
  • Recommended Tools
  • Recommended Products
  • Contraindications
  • Instagram Brow Content
  • Your Powerhouse Brow Portfolio
  • The Safe Brow Consult
  • The Perfect Client Consultation
  • Client Waiver Forms
  • Client Release Forms


Click Here to speak with an Educator about our PAYMENT PLANS.

Need help making your decision? 
Speak with one of Elle Wilson's Educators.

The Woman ​Behind the Education

Hi, I'm Elle Wilson

I entered the beauty industry over 34 years ago and have built my knowledge, expertise and love, for the industry ever since. I know what it’s like to want to be better, to be exceptional, to wait with anticipation while my client looks at herself in the mirror for the first time...

I have trained 100’s of beauty professionals, internationally, who are now solving the greatest challenges women are facing with their natural brows. No gimmicks or short-term fixes, just an authentic, proven system that promises my salon owners loyal, quality customers for life.

My mission is to offer the knowledge to the beauty industry that offers a real solution for the natural brow.