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The Brow Secrets™ International Ladder Program


"In any small business, cash flow is often what the salon owner has to always consider and juggling all the balls when running a salon can be challenging. Training yourself and your team is essential but how to fit it all in, right? With our vision to offer every woman the opportunity to experience the world's most beautiful brows, we want to make our training programs not only accessible, but easy. Don't waste money and your precious time on courses that will fail to give you the confidence and the skill you know you need to keep your clients and also charge prices you deserve. Step into the world's most comprehensive brow training, begin taking the path to financial freedom and the rewards of creating real long-term transformations for your clients. You will never look back. Join Us!"

Elle Wilson Creator of TrueBrow™

Making it Easy & Effective!

  • Confidence comes with understanding
  • Excellence comes with implementation and guidance

For decent professionals it's impossible to charge more for your work than what is it worth.  As you browse through social media, brow mania is here and if you are not producing the brow work your clients want they will go looking to find it elsewhere.

That's where Brow Secrets™ International steps in and saves the day, or your business. You cannot afford to lose clients to other beauty salons because they are offering a better quality brow than you. In fact, you must do everything you can to avoid this happening at all costs. When clients started looking for exceptional brow work and came to my salon, even though they still hadn't made the switch entirely, it really didn't take long before they they made the switch entirely from their preferred salon. In no time at all my salon became their preferred beauty provider and I gained thousands of clients just like that. It's just how it works, the business that can provide what the customer wants, wins!

Building a business can be brutal and regardless of how much you adore your clients, give them your best possible service, jump hoops for them, give up your day off for them, if you can't give them what they want they will go looking. It's painful and yet when it comes to brows there is a solution.

We have worked on creating a simple path for salon owners who step into our training, making the Brow Secrets™ International journey easier and more powerful than ever before.

The truth is this wasn't easy and we have taken some major detours as we have begun to truly understand the challenges and how we can initiate TrueBrow™ the brand into salon owner's businesses with ease.

We realize you want the fastest route to exquisite brows and of course, preventing any loss of your valued clients.

So beautiful brows it is! TrueBrow™ System Level 1 offers you and your team the knowledge you need to create a beautiful brow and keep your clients satisfied.

Now, let's take a moment to talk about outdated textbook guidelines you have learned in your beauty curriculum, leaving you with a lack confidence and limited in what you can offer your clients. Brow Secrets™ International now offers you the right way, where industry best practice becomes the foundation of all of your brow work. As you learn the new and progressive training methods, you feel incredible relief and a newfound confidence in your brow work. You deserve this new knowledge and so do your brow clients. They will thank you for investing in a higher level of training. Clients nowadays are sharp and know what they want, you have to stay current to survive.

Every salon owner has to consider the investment and of course, have meaningful answers to questions specifically related to the learning curve.

Firstly, let's look at the Brow Secrets™ International solution:

Everyone learns at a different pace, however, that doesn't help the salon owner achieve the result she needs which are offering the TrueBrow™ System and Collection to her clients and future clients in the quickest possible time frame.

So we begin with the first step in the ladder.

The Brow Secrets™ International Ladder Program, let us explain it to you one step at a time.

This Program is currently available in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Canada.

The Brow Secrets™ International Ladder

Establishi​ng industry best practice in brows

Our Vision

Your journey with Brow Secrets™ International begins with your TrueBrow™  Level 1. To help you become one of the world's most skilled TrueBrow™ Restoration and Design Specialists, we have created the Brow Secrets™ International Ladder. This original, world-class training, created by Elle Wilson, now offers you a simple step-by-step path to reach your goal. We believe the most powerful visual element to any woman’s appearance lies in her eyebrows. As such, we work tirelessly and strive diligently to craft and document the most advanced principles, methods and techniques of the TrueBrow™ System. Our purpose is to keep industry standards high, in natural restoration and design.

We aim to continuously expand the awareness of this art and to actively transfer the skills through our training courses and brow coaching and mentoring programs, to one day make accessible, beautiful eyebrows, to every woman in the world.


Your textbooks to the TrueBrow™ System Level 1 have arrived online!

You and the team members you enroll are given your own individual access to these modules via an online training portal. As you complete each section and pass your quiz, to ensure you have fully understood the new knowledge you are learning the next module will open automatically, as long as you have achieved 100% on your quiz. If not, you will need to go back and complete the quiz.

Level 1 has offered hundreds of beauty professionals a new and exquisite skill as they work with their current brow clients.

In the first 6 weeks during Level 1 you will be required to simply absorb and learn your new material. You will not need to change your client brow appointment times. In six weeks from beginning Level 1 you can send through an email to support for your first review. Please be sure to have attended your Live Class each week and uploaded one brow for each class for revision by your trainers.

At your 6 week* review you will be guided in how to launch TrueBrow™ into your salon and introduce your 3 New TrueBrow™ Services.

Level 1 Begins with your orientation course:

The 17 modules in this course offer you all the foundation information you need to become comfortable with TrueBrow™ as a brand and how to enjoy all of the powerful resources you will receive in this Level.

  • How to take the perfect photos for feedback and how to build your marketing brow portfolio
  • The use of your Brow Management Board
  • Social media groups and how to work with linking our brands to help your business thrive
  • chevron-right
    Logo usage and how to represent TrueBrow™

and of course, a further 13 modules.

When Orientation is completed and you have passed all the quizzes you will be given access to your TrueBrow™ System Level 1. This part of your training programs consists of 13 Courses and you have access to 31 topics to work through.

Brow School Has Officially begun:

TrueBrow™ Level 2

Level 2 of the TrueBrow™ System is the deep study of natural brow restoration and advanced design. All Level 1 students are encouraged to schedule in their first Level 2 hands-on Masterclass event 4-6 weeks into their Level 1 training.  Masterclasses are scheduled in monthly offering students ample opportunity to select dates that best suit them.

Our Masterclass coordinators are available to discuss your enrollment in Level 2. Please email with all enquiries.

What do you Get:

As soon as you have scheduled in your Masterclass Event you will enter TrueBrow™ Level 2 and have access to the following:

  • 3 Advanced Live Classes to choose from each week, or choose them all if you wish
  • Masterclass Events - hands on practical events
  • The TrueBrow™ Social Media Library
  • Extensive use of the logo and trademark
  • chevron-right
    You will appear on the Directory as New Talent and then move to TrueBrow™ Specialist
  • chevron-right
    Access to the Advanced Level 2 marketing portal
  • chevron-right
    Support in building in Restoration Marketing Portfolio
  • chevron-right
    Geographical exclusivity *conditions apply
  • chevron-right
    The TrueBrow™ Program to offer to your clients
  • chevron-right
    Natural Brow Restoration and Advanced Design Modules
  • chevron-right
    How to launch Your 3 New TrueBrow™ Services:
  • TrueBrow™ Design minimum of $65 as New Talent, $90 as TB Specialist *These prices are recommended by Brow Secrets™ International
  • TrueBrow™ Maintenance minimum of $35 as New Talent, $50 as TB Specialist *These prices are recommended by Brow Secrets™ International
  • TrueBrow™ Brow Discovery Session - complimentary
  • chevron-right
    How to launch the TrueBrow™ business model into your salon, to grow you business and profit exponentially
  • chevron-right
    The TrueBrow™ Distinction Program. Toby and Elle Wilson's original brand building program designed to show you how to build a brand of the future and thrive.

TrueBrow™ Level 3

Level 3 is an Invitation Only Masterclass program.

Invitations are extended by Elle Wilson, personally. Currently, Elle is the only trainer worldwide who facilitates this Level of training.

Level 3 is focused predominantly on restoration and transformational design work. Models with highly compromised or damaged brows are invited to attend to ensure the students are offered opportunity to explore in depth training with brows of all kinds. It is the Level for confidence and mastery.  

Status : TrueBrow™ Restoration Specialist

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