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Brows Increase Salon Revenues

Salon owners get it. Brows are big business for the beauty industry and investing in brows can increase a salon’s revenue. What many salon owners may not yet understand, however, is that there are different approaches to brow beauty that may – or may not – add value to the services they provide.

A 4-hour Professional Brow Shaping Training provides just enough education to permit a salon to add brow beauty to their repertoire of techniques, but it’s insufficient to cultivate true mastery of this skill in the beauty professional. With this level of superficial investment, a salon may see an initial increase in revenue, but over time, it will dissipate. Clients quickly and intuitively sense which salons are dedicated to supplying real, sustainable answers to their beauty needs. They gravitate toward those that continuously evolve in their skills and are passionate about conveying the best quality service possible to their clients.

For Salon Owners that are interested in long term, sustainable growth, there is another way.

Over the last five years, hundreds of salon owners have embraced Mastery-based Learning with Elle Wilson and Brow Secrets International. They have tripled their yearly income and have had waiting lists of up to 70 clients. This revolution in brow beauty is now hitting fever pitch. Brow Secrets International is setting a new standard of excellence.

 How have they achieved this? Through their unique Mastery-based Learning approach. Brow Secrets International has created an educational system that allows salon owners and their technicians to learn at their own pace; they can even customize the training based on the salon’s size. Brow Secrets International’s Mastery-based approach allows students to perfect brow techniques based on timeless design principles and with on-going, direct and personalized feedback on their own evolving brow work. For salon owners, this ensures that all their staff receives the same training, providing consistent, high quality results to all of their clients. Trainees will start to see improvements in their technique immediately and they will continue to improve, in time reaching the highest standard of training in the world. This comprehensive, unparalleled training can change the direction of a salon and will increase its bottom line. It empowers salon owners to build phenomenal teams and inspires real and nurtureful relationships between providers and clients.

The skills gained through Brow Secrets International’s Mastery-based training approach will enable salon entrepreneurs to pay off the cost of education within weeks, and over twelve months, salon owners can expect massive growth. Book a free consultation with a Brow Secrets International specialist to learn more about how this training can impact your Salon’s bottom line. The Brow Secrets International Mastery-based approach isn’t a standard investment in brow training – it’s a game changer that will uplift not just your brow services but your entire business.


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