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The world's original & most powerful 

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discover how to design flawless natural brows online

Wherever you are in the world, the TrueBrow™ONLINE Brow Training Programs can help!  

Hi, I'm Elle Wilson,

When I created the TrueBrow™ System, the world's first method for the transformation and restoration of the NATURAL brow, I never imagined hundreds of my students would be recognised as being in the top 1% of brow specialists in the world. 

But, it did happen and it's still happening.

All of my students began with this ONLINE BROW COURSE.

I trained women from around the world,  Nigeria, Canada, USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Barbados, Australia and New Zealand.

Now it is time to extend this incredible training to all corners of the world. 

All you need is an internet connection and leave the rest to me.


With tens of thousands of women worldwide now experiencing the full restoration and beauty of their natural brow, because of the TrueBrow™ system, the world of beauty has changed.


You too can realise your dream and choose your level of achievement with us. Remember, at TrueBrow™ we empower you to work at your own pace, choose your own level of achievement and most importantly discover everything there is to know about how to save the natural brow.

Freya Tippett Miss Frey's Beauty & Brow Design

"TrueBrow™ has given me the skills and confidence to transform a woman's beauty through her brows. I would have never known how to restore a brow without the use of the TrueBrow™ System. My business has boomed, my clientele has tripled and I now have a waiting list for women wishing to have their brows restored and designed."

your online course will give you access to 

hours of video tutorials, ONGOING SUPPORT in your own private facebook group, the world famous truebrow™ design principles created by elle wilson... Learn more Below 

Accessible anywhere, anytime

"TrueBrow™ has been life-changing and has taken my business to the highest level! So high I will be opening my own shop front studio in a beautiful location.

Rachael Mezzatesta, 

Once Upon a Brow

the home of the world's original natural brow education

The TrueBrow SYSTEM crafts beautiful brows

If you are passionate about NATURAL beauty and love offering your clients a service that both dignifies them and ignites their confidence, then you are at home here.

The designer brow is an artform mastered with skill, precision and learned techniques through the TrueBrow™ process of natural restoration, correction and transformation. 

In your ONLINE Training you will learn everything you need to know to save your clients' natural brows. When you enrol in our online course you will be offered additional classes and LIVE ONLINE Masterclasses to have your own work perfected and enhanced.

Brow art is an intimate business with an incredibly public appeal. In other words, women LOVE it!

The quality of the brows that will leave your salon will sing loudly of your skills.

TrueBrow is not about quick-fixes, industry fads or cosmetic alterations, we work to enhance all that is a client's natural beauty, honoring their features and complementing their sense of self. 

TrueBrow™ is the home of the natural brow. Our mission is to save the a natural brow.

​What to expect?

  • Online training modules
  • Hands-on Masterclass Events
  • Clear marketing blueprints
  • Comprehensive guidelines
  • Client consultations
  • Real time training sessions
  • Profesisonal feedback
  • Team training
  • Live class highlights
  • TrueBrow Money
  • Brow video library
  • Prewritten marketing content


Make perfect brows the foundation for incredible business

Where the perfect brows are born, business blooms. Where the TrueBrow method defines a face, the TrueBrow Model transforms a business.


Whitney Hartmann Whitney Hartmann TrueBrow™ Specialists

"I have been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and worked with so many different makeup brands but nothing has given my clients the results that the TrueBrow™ Collection gives them. The product is incredibly soft and natural. It really enhances the brow as well as allowing all my restoration clients the fullness they want without having to wait."

Bianca Baker Bianca Jade Brow Artistry & Beauty

"My best takeaways from this day were knowing how supported and detailed everything is. It's so exciting to be part of such a well-oiled machine! I guess as a single owner/operator, you have no idea how huge the behind-the-scenes stuff is with Brow Secrets™ International. It is just going in leaps and bounds and we will share in the rewards, proudly."

The TrueBrow Business Model

With the completion of the TrueBrow course you will have mastered the art of beautiful brows along with the core marketing skill set that is the TrueBrow Model, developed by globally recognised leaders in iconic brow design.


Implement our step-by-step business procedures and grow as a quality salon with world-class education and an impeccable reputation


Stop wasting time and money on marketing - use effective templates and tools to establish your professional portfolio and build your business with ease


Master the revolutionary art of natural brow restoration and build a brand of world-class skill and international stature


Become a member of our beautifully supportive world-wide community of salon owners and  industry leaders


Attract quality clients who value your services,  turn up on time, rave about your skills and elevate your business

Expert Support

Gain full access to our team of professionals across branding, marketing, social media and photography


Learn how to truly understand your clients and how to effectively engage with them - build trust, loyalty and referral business


Be the best in brows with certified confidence in your ability to create perfection and enhance your clients beauty naturally


BUSINESS transformation

TrueBrow specialists are experts in the art of natural brow transformation and client satisfaction. TrueBrow training equips our graduates with exceptional skills in revolutionary design, shaping and restoration techniques, partnered with unparalleled service standards. TrueBrow goes beyond brow beauty, educating salon owners in business development and core marketing strategies with a client-centered approach. This program was developed to perfect the transformational in-salon experience, enhance customer relationships and increase the business growth of each TrueBrow Salon.

Alice Shieh Bluebell Lash & Brow

We're designers creating art. The difference between a Target dress and a Chanel dress is the design. If you give Karl Lagerfeld the materials from Target, he'll still produce a Chanel-worthy dress. The same is true of haircutting, architecture - anything that involves a degree of art. It's not 'what' they're doing, but 'how.' The fact that our clients focus on the 'what' in this situation tells me that perhaps they haven't had their brows treated as a piece of art in the past and that this is perhaps their TrueBrow Design.

Olivia Trask-Lopez Beauty Art Asthetics

"It's not just a brand. It's a lifestyle! The wisdom we receive from Elle through the TrueBrow™ brand is priceless. It always keeps me motivated and inspired. The TrueBrow™ Collection is one of a kind and the TrueBrow™ System is world class. So lucky to have found this brow family"


Masterclass Live Training Events are NOT included in our enrollment prices.

Please use the link at the bottom of this page to connect with an educator for live event pricing.



Our training utilizes a simple online portal for you to access and work through, at your own pace.

We’re here to assist you where needed and to help keep you on track to better brow artistry and bigger business.

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And the 2018 Educator of the Year award goes to Elle Wilson

Receive the best of both worlds!

it'S about more than just brows!




One simple payment for yourself and your team (if you have one) and then $99 per month. Cancel at any time.

Live Events & Cosmetic Products sold separately.

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