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TrueBrow Founder tells how high end skill in natural brows is changing the beauty industry

I can't tell you how many women messaged me this past week thanking me for the very special video I am sharing with you today; many of them shedding a tear or two. When our hearts are touched, we can't help it...
I don't know about you, but I think we need more companies, more industry leaders, more corporations and governments stepping up... Don't you?
Do you think the world can change if we continue to do the same old?
I have made it my commitment to run my company as a company of the future. A company that is dedicated to world change for the future of our families, our children, our planet.
You may ask what has this got to do with your business... absolutely everything!
As a beauty professional, you have so much power. You touch the lives of tens of thousands of women throughout your career.
We can be the #changemakers rather than the beauty school graduates, cowering and feeling as though we could have done better.
If you know that deep in your heart you have potential to change this world one woman at a time and you are not afraid to admit that first woman is YOU, then I am looking for you.
When I began to transform from the inside out, my entire life changed. I built empires and now continue to innovate and change the lives of women ready to make a difference every single day.
When she takes her influence seriously, the beauty professional has a powerful purpose. She finds mentors she can depend, mentors that truly care about her, her future and the future of the world. She becomes a pillar in her world.
Always strive to do more than you believe you can do.
Always strive to do more than you think you can do.
Always remember that the stars are looking straight back at you. Lift your head up, Beautiful!
Time to put your feet up and press the play button...
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Big hugs,

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