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Introducing the TrueBrowTM business model… Offering salon owners a powerful experience of list building in their business. Client retention goes up and client attrition goes down. Read more…

Salon life is definitely an adventure! Even the most successful salons experience the ebb and flow of salon life. We need to learn as entrepreneurs to go with the flow. This is such a great quote as life is about ebb and flow and the more we surrender to this idea, the more we relax. The more we relax, the more open we are to receive clarity and powerful surges of energy we can use to be productive in our businesses and our life in general. A walk in the park with our significant other, a game of basketball in the front yard with our children, a day at the beach, a picnic in the park.

However, coming back to the subject at hand…

From my personal experience in the beauty industry, everyone is out for your clients, future and current. For years I was constantly wanting to find new ways to market to my database and new ways to find new clients. Whether it was a new machine, a new product or service, I had to always stay current, and it really was stressful. I hadn’t yet taught myself how to relax and let go. My mind was often on auto-pilot and honestly, no amount of success is worth your peace. Now I am running an international company and I am far more relaxed than ever. That was definitely a skill I taught myself, more on that later… In the meantime, let me share with you what happened to change everything for me. It was like a miracle, and I am now sharing that same miracle with salon owners around the world. I developed a system of brow work that created the most extraordinary results for my clients. It wasn’t my creativity, it was deep listening guiding me to work in a particular way, see a particular way, and develop principles never before used in the brow industry. An entire new system of brow work was created and tested on thousands upon thousands of brows for years.

The best part was that my clients fell in love with my work. They never, ever missed their follow-up appointments in the fear that if they did, they would have to wait, or heaven forbid, they wouldn’t be able to get back into my appointment book. It wasn’t my skill alone, however, that had my business grow exponentially. It was the consistency and how effectively I sustained the quality of my work. Everything I am sharing with you now is extremely important. This is the difference between doing a brow course and being good at brows and building the best brow business in your location/s.

After 11 years it became obvious sharing my skill and business model I developed, tried and tested over all those years, was the next step. However, I knew it wasn’t about the initial brow design… anyone can learn how to design a lovely brow. Instead, it was about all the pieces of the puzzle being just perfectly right and sustainable. That’s what I needed to teach.

In came my better half, with his background in IT and business we began to formulate the world’s most comprehensive brow training platforms. As we sat in our home office in East Ballina overlooking the vast ocean, we created this magical formula together. It was one of the most intense and rewarding times of my life and our relationship, well, we had to get along. Together we learned that being together was better than letting any amount of stress effect our relationship. Brow Secrets™ International is so many things to me, and one of them has been all about this incredible journey of love, compassion, knowledge and sharing.

Client retention is how your business can sustain it’s current growth and of course, we will get to the next part of this equation soon. When you want to own the best brow business in your location, you want to partner with the company that has created the fool proof training, business model, exclusive cutting-edge product line, and training system built to sustain and maintain the most important piece of the puzzle… Consistency.

This is the core reason why Brow Secrets™ International developed our weekly Live Feedback and Mentoring Classes. You and your team living the dream, constant training support, inspiration, motivation and brow management. Keeping your standards high!

Not only will you attract more clients, you will keep them for life!

Live classes are extremely valuable as you are not only learning from the brows that you, alone, are submitting. There is a lesson to be learned with every brow, and no two brows are the same. We also have the opportunity to uncover and learn things about ourselves and take away Elle’s wisdom & knowledge!

– Madison Morrell, Face HQ, NSW

Elle Wilson the passion shows from you and us. The support and love we share in one place at one time is fruitful. I find it empowering, educational, supportive,  non judgemental just inspiring. It gives me a high even at my lows times. What more can we ask for that we unite our passion with all the above. Great work TrueBrow.

– Kim Van der Sluis, WA

The live classes for me are a MUST! I have learned so much from Elle Wilson and will continue for a very long time. I really look forward to the feedback and love seeing every one else’s journey as well. I’m looking forward to being able to attend 2 classes a week in a few weeks time. I love the clarity and the learning these classes provide.

– Michelle Orkney, NSW

The live classes are amazing! I have registered for three a week now…..sometimes I don’t make all three, but I love the ability to be able to be able to slot in when I am able to! The feedback is brilliant! I’m loving the new TrueBrowTM method, focusing on correction, restoration, transformation and design! It has helped me so much in relating to my clients and has enhanced my vision for every TrueBrowTM design!  What I love most about the live classes is seeing all the other angels excel, the excitement in their voices, the “oh yes” moments and the support and comments we share with each other! Oh what a journey TrueBrowTM has given me! It’s a big, fat thank you and as I continue to grow in my knowledge and skill, so does my love for the TrueBrowTM and what it has given me!

– Carla Poole, NSW

The live classes are the bomb! When I began I would be on up to 4 lives a week, learning, posting, getting feedback – making my work better and better. Also building my confidence each time. Even as you move forward and you get a really tricky brow, you know you are supported 100% and Elle or Sabrina will talk you through it on a live class. What other training organisation does all that?

-️ Bianca Baker, QLD

BSI would not be what it is without the live classes! It is amazing and beautiful to see what is revealed each week. Not only do we have the opportunity to see world-class brow work come to life, but we are also blessed by the incredible wisdom shared each week by our lovely Elle Wilson and Sabrina Ehlis. It’s one of the highlights of my week!

-Amy Ford, USA

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