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A Training company you can depend on – Multiple Salon Locations


Training team members can be a distraction from what matters most in your business.  Let us show you how we train your team and offer you time to focus on the core of your business. Building a brand needs your attention and focus. Do you need a company you can depend on to train you and your team to master the world’s newest and most exciting brow service with ease? A company you can depend on to deliver quality training, mentoring and team support…

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What do you think you, as the salon owner, are worth per hour? It’s a question you may have thought about, but have you really done the numbers? Understanding the principle of delegation for an entrepreneur is essential. You cannot do everything, but I know what it’s like when you feel you have to train your teams how to get it right. Those days are gone. Brow Secrets™ International has broken all the rules and offer the world’s highest level of brow training in the world. Using platforms such as online training portals, weekly live online feedback and mentoring classes and of course, practical Masterclass events.

In the past, as a salon owner, training your team may have been your only option if high-end services were important to you. However, unless your in the training business this is not a good place to spend your precious time.  When you clearly define who and what you are in your business, all decisions become clearer.

In this day and age with the speed of information and communications, quick fixes and short term solutions don’t cut it. Your future and current clients are exposed to so much information and have so much choice, if your brand lacks that point of difference, it can be an uphill battle week to week. To not only withstand this powerful new force, but thrive within it,  your business needs one exceptional service your clients and prospects are crazy for. If you don’t have that service yet, you might be very close to changing your business and your brand forever.

Looking for the world’s finest training organizations was important for me as a salon owner, however, what I had access to were classes a couple of days long or, in some cases, a couple of hours in length. In fact, nothing much has changed. I decided it wasn’t good enough and went about creating training programs, as a trainer, that were exceptional. Training programs I wish that I had when I needed them. This new age of communication has in fact, offered the discerning salon owner a new opportunity to excel and build a powerful brand. First, you must find THAT service.

This is the Brow Secrets™ International solution.

We give you piece of mind as you work on building a legacy, a brand you are proud of as you become the hero of your world. Leave the heavy lifting to us.

To build a brand we are sincerely proud of, and of course, one that is highly profitable, we must offer an exceptional point of difference in our key services and products to our clients. We need to have the confidence when we are working on building our brand so that our team can, and are, fulfilling the promise of our brand message; exceptional service all of the time.

How would you feel if you had a training company offering your team members weekly support via live class webinars? Imagine your team member being totally at a loss on how to transform a client’s brow and yet, she knows all she needs to do is upload it to her next live class. Rather than bother you with her questions and anxiety, the Principal Trainer of the company was there to offer her all the help she needs… Would that give you piece of mind so you can get on with doing the important things in your business?

What if during these classes your teams were inspired and taught powerful ways to lead their clients; how to stay positive and uplifted even when the going gets tough. Read some of our brilliant testimonials below from our very own brow community… You and your team deserve this incredible support and inspiration. Isn’t it time women came together to support women? No one at Brow Secrets™ International does it alone.

So, how does this happen, how is it possible? Well, when you have the right people, the know how and the right technology it’s very possible. Our weekly classes are available on a world class platform where sharing of work allows instructors to record the class and work off the screen on the image that is uploaded, showing the student corrections one hair at a time, if necessary. Our head trainers work with a deep level of care of warmth as they work step-by-step with each student helping them make the changes that ultimately transform their skill and their work.

Training is no small feet and each of our trainers is selected for the outstanding dedication to their work, their beautiful hearts and willingness to help others with kindness. Nobody truly learns and flourishes with the use of a whip, don’t you agree?

Everyone learns at a different pace and some students love to go over their material several times, therefore, all our enrolled students have access to their online TrueBrowTM System curriculum for six months. Course extensions are also available as a complimentary offering for the diligent student.

As the student begins their journey with Brow Secrets™ International, it is similar to them choosing to major in a university subject. The students needs all she has learned about hair removal, hygiene and sanitation in her beauty therapy studies; this offers her the confidence to work efficiently when she begins implementing the TrueBrowTM System. A beauty qualification in waxing or threading and tinting is essential to work with the material, however, she will leave behind all she has learned about eyebrow shaping and begin fresh. During her introduction to the TrueBrowTMSystem curriculum she will learn how to use the ‘TrueBrowTM Anatomy of the Brow’ to understand the principles of brow design, offering her the knowledge to work with all brows; sparse, damaged, extremely difficult hair growth patterns, overly bushy brows and even brows everyone else has given up on. She will learn to use color correction and most importantly, how to correct, enhance and beautify all brows with the use of the TrueBrowTM Collection, offering the client instant beauty.

Our training programs begin online offering all students the foundational knowledge they need as they begin to explore their new knowledge. The knowledge shared here, as in all of our training, is to support each student as they achieve mini goals. By first taking small steps, they then move to powerful principles increasing not only their ability to see the brow differently, but to think differently. The Principles shared in our training material have been developed through over thirteen years of outstanding, in-depth research and implementation. Each principle taking each student one step closer to their goal. Rome was not built in a day, however, with a training program developed to hand hold every student and on the understanding of the foundational principles of learning, Rome is built in good time. Within 6-8 weeks of having begun your training, the TrueBrowTM services will be launched in your salon.

I am a firm believer in inspiration and motivation; nobody learns without a kind mentor and trainer. When a student is afraid of failing, they close their minds and often their hearts. So many professionals are afraid of not achieving their goals, silently in fear of failure. Whether their fears are related to building their brand successfully or creating and restoring an exceptional brow, this fear is real. Understanding this inherent fear, our training programs are designed to find the hope, the possibility, the potential in each of our students, be they a salon owner or a team member. We are committed to venture where others may not, and have,and because of this, salons around the world have achieved outstanding results with our training.

With salons tripling their income, increasing their size exponentially, from no team members to four, from two to eight, everyone loves their potential to be seen and to be inspired to by pass fear and excel. Many beautiful people have exceeded their goals with our company and found a new lease of life in their businesses… We are grateful for this.

All student’s are encouraged to work at the pace set by the salon owner. Through their online curriculum, they join our community on one Live Class each week, sharing their work for feedback. The Live Classes are focused on ensuring our students expectations of success grow right along with the actual ability, giving them the confidence to continue on with their new found skill and continue to break new ground. As the salon reputation grows more and more, women who have problem brows come for help. The rewards are high and the support from BSI matches this 100%.

The Live Classes have many benefits for the salon owner and her team; with inspiration high, we work on many different levels. We cover leadership, the building of trust and how to communicate and connect with prospects and clients, retail support and insights. The Live Classes a safe platform in our community for learning and growth.

Please enjoy the voice of our Brow Secrets™ International students:

“The live classes are how I become a better TrueBrow Specialist, a better business woman, a better mother, a better wife and a better me! The information and knowledge Elle shares is so amazing whether it is how to improve your brow work by looking at your own brow photos or others, or empowering women to create a business that allows them to achieve their goals, Elle is there to support and encourage everyone on the live classes.”

– Angela Mee, WA

“I love the live classes and wish I could attend every single one! I put up brows I am struggling with mostly and like getting honest feedback from Elle and Sabrina. I love seeing the work of everyone and there’s always something to absorb.”

-Felicia Baker, QLD

“After being away for some time, I finally got back onto a live class this week and oh, how I have missed them! I love how much I learn. I love hearing Elle speak about the brows and I love how inspired and excited I get. They are such a valuable tool to have and we are lucky to have them so easily available to us.”

-Bree McDonough, WA

“Live classes for me is where the magic is at. I feel it’s our place to learn and support each other on the TrueBrowTM journey. The vision is what I really love seeing on the brows that are up. I wish I could be on all live classes.”

-Rebecca Miller, NSW

“We are so fortunate to be able to attend 4 live classes a week. What other company offers such comprehensive advice, mentoring and support? These classes not only provide the opportunity for continuous improvement and development of our brow work but also up to date information on products, leading successful teams, self development and awareness and connection with our peers.”

-Margie Gleeson, WA

“I love everything about it. Listening to Elle and learning how to word situations is great for me. As well as the general advice and wisdom Elle shares with us. I make every effort to participate in all 4. I also think, having at least one compulsory class is fantastic and I do mention it in the consultation as it shoes commitment for the brand. I like it when you start the class with asking if anyone has any brow they must go through with you.”

-Michal Gabriel, NSW

“The live classes are Oh, soooo good! Even if I don’t have brows to be reviewed, I learn something from every brow that Elle reviews. I challenge myself by telling myself what I would do and then seeing if it’s close to Elle’s vision. If not, I’m learning why. Almost without exception there is a brow being reviewed that’s pretty close to a brow I’m working on. I learn something new every time! It’s also so much fun to see others works in progress. You quickly learn you are not alone in this journey and that we are all learning together!”

-Candice Frye, USA

I adore the live classes. They are invaluable and I can guarantee I learn something new each class and take away something I can put into action on the next brow I work on. Elle and Sabrina’s confidence in you is always expressed and leaves you feeling supported and valued. I have also learnt so much from Elle in terms of recommendations for a happier and healthier life and lifestyle. A true mentor!

-️ Amy Radcliffe, WA

Let me continue to share with you the Brow Secrets™ International training journey… Where would our training be without our hands-on, practical component? Here is where our students learn about themselves, their skills to lead their clients and of course, how to excel in their brow work. They learn about the brand and how to represent it to grow your business, using our tried and tested business model and of course, the TrueBrowTM Program with confidence. Demonstrations by head trainers are important during these classes. It is where the online training and the Live weekly classes come to life. Special techniques and skills, reserved only for these hands-on live events, are shared ensuring these essential principles are not overlooked or misunderstood. Students work on models experiencing the supervision and support of trainers. All aspects of the training come together here.

Our brow make up training at Masterclass events is impacting, to say the least, as student use the TrueBrowTM Collection to offer their models immediate brow fullness and depth. This event is not only a learning event, it is highly rewarding as student achieve their hidden potential. They are truly filled with many “A’ha” moments.

Following the Masterclass events students are encouraged to upload their work for feedback in the weekly class. When your salon enters the world of natural brow restoration you will find a plethora of new clients searching for this service; some of the brows in need of repair will astound you! Our Live Classes are there to ensure you are never lost or unable to offer your client a TrueBrowTM service.

I would highly recommend the Advanced Masterclass to anyone who wants to take their eyebrow work to the next level and who wants to think more as a businesswoman and not just an eyebrow technician. Having face to face time with Elle was invaluable to progress my work. Her feedback gave me more focus and my attention to detail improved dramatically. Elle’s nurturing nature and her outlook on life & business made the experience extra meaningful to me. My personal fears and doubts have been holding me back professionally. Elle’s belief in me and her wisdom have given me insight to myself & have helped set me on a new more confident path. The opportunity to meet and get to know other angels from around Australia was truly wonderful. Their talent and dedication was admirable, and their words of encouragement and support absolutely precious. I am so happy I attended. The three days were intense, confronting and completely worth it. We are so lucky to belong to such a unique, empowering community.

-Kelly Clarke-Duffy, Ted & June, New South Wales

The Masterclass was absolutely amazing! Sabrina Ehlis provided the the most thorough training I have ever received since being in the beauty industry. I left the class with a better understanding of the information in the online training/live classes and brows beautifully designed by my fellow TrueBrowTM Colleagues.

-Nakia Vargas, Brow to Toe Waxing, North Carolina

I have found the Masterclass an absolute priority for any person training as a TrueBrowTM Specialist. The Masterclass for me, has had an amazing impact on not only my future brow career but also personally. I learned so much about myself especially in the areas of my life that are holding me back from moving forward to be the very best person I can be. The energy I have been surrounded by has just been so amazing and uplifting. I am leaving the Masterclass with a whole new attitude toward my brow work as well as my future as an individual.

-Lisa Wilkins, Lisa Michelle’s Beauty & Brow, New South Wales

The Advanced Masterclass has really given me clarity and confidence in my own value as a TrueBrow Specialist. I’ve walked away with quality tips that only can be shared through Elle watching me perform as well as I watching Elle. I would recommend other TrueBrow Specialists attend a Masterclass to motivate and inspire them as well as to reiterate the fact that we are able to offer our clients a service that is so far beyond our competitors and for that, we should be grateful, proud and exude confidence.

-Rachel McKeering, Rachel Skin & Brows, Queensland

Attending the BAI Masterclass has been a highly valuable experience for me. The open and unrestricted access to Elle and her willingness to teach and inspire us at the class was extraordinary. I l eft the class bursting with enthusiasm and with a new found confidence. The class was organized, professional and catered for all our varying levels of skill. I will be attending all future masterclasses as they really are the only way to cement our training and ensure we progress to a new level of brow work.

-Tracey Orr, Absolute Beauty, Tasmania

Thank you Elle! The easiest way to say it (with complete humility) is that natural brow restoration and design and Brow Secrets™ International took me from being a waxer of brows to being a brow specialist. Learning to develop the skill of paying attention to fine details and understanding what soft really means, changes your work completely and allows you to start creating true beauty. It astounds me to realize that I sincerely cannot remember how I used to think when working on a brow. It is as if that time never existed…each brow continues to be an opportunity to learn as the journey never ends

-Sabrina Ehlis, Sabrina Skin & Brow, Minnesota.

Now let’s look your’s and your team’s journey with TrueBrowTM

TrueBrowTM Stockist & TrueBrowTM New Talent

As a salon that is newly enrolled, you will appear in our TrueBrowTM official website directory as a TrueBrowTM Stockist.

A TrueBrowTM Stockist can be a specialty salon that does not offer brow services, but wishes to retail the TrueBrowTM Collection. They would retail the TrueBrowTM collection and offer their clients access to video tutorials on how to achieve the perfect brows using the Collection.

A TrueBrowTM Stockist that has enrolled in the TrueBrowTM brow training not only retails the TrueBrowTM Collection, but also offers the complimentary TrueBrowTM Brow Discovery Session to prospects and clients.

The TrueBrowTM Brow Discovery Session is where the prospect begins their journey with TrueBrowTM. A detailed consultation form is completed by the prospect and the TrueBrowTM representative offers them a new perspective, a new vision, for her brows. She uses the Collection to show the client her vision, achieving a softer, fuller and more beautiful brow, instantly. During this time, the TrueBrowTM Program is explained and the prospect’s brows are assessed using the assessment protocol.

This is a powerful time to lead your client, with team members offered training and mentoring supporting them to excel in this service. Your business will experience the growth it deserves. Each prospect is gently and authentically lead to achieve their inner desire for extraordinary natural brows.

Are you wondering if you and your team can really learn this skill and excel? Fear is an ugly beast and we are so aware of this. Our training has been created to by-pass everything fear throws at you. Let me give you a quick overview.

  1. Each student is supported as they achieve their mini-goals. Mentored by our trainers to experience the joy of their success offers them the confidence to continue improving and growing their skill. Kindness is the greatest teacher.
  2. Constant proof of each student’s progress on Live Classes accelerates their learning. They can see how they have improved with their own eyes and receive the recognition they deserve.
  3. Self-confidence is one of the most important parts of learning and learning fast. Our trainers are trained to offer clear and positive feedback even when they are helping a student correct their work. This is the new level of learning and Brow Secrets™ International is committed to the education of the future.

Our students don’t fail!

Once yourself and your team have completed your first hands-on Masterclass and have fulfilled the remaining brow feedback requirements, you will all be listed on the TrueBrowTM official website Directory as TrueBrowTM New Talent. What this means for the consumer is that you now have the confidence to work with the TrueBrowTM System. Your brow work has reached a higher level of standard compared to that of a regular brow artist and therefore, you can begin to reap in the benefits of charging your brow work at a premium price.

Our recommended price points for New Talent are as follows:

TrueBrowTM Design  $65 AUD. This service initially may take 60 minutes.

Fortnightly (2 weekly) TrueBrowTM maintenance service $35 AUD. This service initially may take 30 minutes.

This is an important time as you and your team build your knowledge and develop your skills towards that of a TrueBrowTM Specialist. We like to think of TrueBrowTM New Talent as a studying beauty professional committed to achieving their place as one of the top 1% of brow specialists in the world.

TrueBrowTM Specialist & TrueBrowTM Certified Salon

After 3 months of studying as a TrueBrowTM New Talent, you and your team will have the opportunity to be reviewed for the status of TrueBrowTM Specialist. Our TrueBrowTM Specialists are seen as some of the world’s top brow specialists, with the ability to effectively implement the TrueBrowTM principles across a variety of brows. You will find when you reach this status a new confidence to be able to accept every brow that walks through your salon door… Women will come, from far and wide, knowing their brows are in the safest hands in the beauty industry.

Our recommended price points for a TrueBrowTM Specialist are as follows:

TrueBrowTM Design $70 AUD.

Fortnightly (2 weekly) TrueBrowTM maintenance service may vary from salon to salon.

As TrueBrowTM Specialists your salon will now be recognized as a TrueBrowTM Certified Salon. More than just a TrueBrowTM Stockist, women will come to your business understanding they will experience all that TrueBrowTM has to offer. Women are out there looking for their nearest TrueBrowTM Certified Salon right now… are you ready to let them in?

TrueBrowTM Restoration Specialist & TrueBrowTM Gold Salon

Imagine being completely confident in restoring even the most sparsest brows… As a TrueBrowTM Restoration Specialist, you have undergone the most extensive training, including an invite-only Advanced Restoration Masterclass, to become an expert in natural brow restoration and design. You see potential in every brow. You are what the women of the world have been waiting for.

A TrueBrowTM Restoration Specialist possess the leadership and discipline to keep strong records, support their clients throughout the restoration phase and guide them to achieve the best possible outcome. They have mastered the application of the TrueBrowTM Collection and implementing the TrueBrowTM System, offering the women of the world, the brows of their dreams. You have what it takes, so are you ready to begin?

Our recommended price points for a TrueBrowTM Restoration Specialist are as follows:

TrueBrowTM Design $90-150 AUD.

Fortnightly (2 weekly) TrueBrowTM maintenance service may vary from salon to salon.

As a TrueBrowTM Restoration Specialist, your salon has fulfilled one of the requirements to become a TrueBrowTM Gold Salon; seen as offering women the most outstanding TrueBrowTM experience. By achieving the Gold status, you have reached what you have worked so hard for… a Brand of Distinction. It’s possible… take the leap forward.

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